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Zeng Jun Jie


Zeng Jun Jie

The works are mainly spatial installations supplemented by images, often starting from life experiences and the viewing of media to generate a search for subjectivity and identity. The work tries to explore the current situation of Taiwanese people under the interaction of these media by using religion, media, and politics as the subject matter. These elements are the necessary channels through which most of us come into contact with society, and they are also the source of knowledge and value formation for some people. I want to ask questions and re-describe the current situation through my work, and recreate it through creation. In this way, I seek to find my position through the disclosure of values and ideas. By transforming the observed phenomenon itself, symbolizing and visualizing it, I explore the broken subjectivity of Taiwanese people.


Group Exhibitions

2020  GunieLab TNUA,Bamboo Curtain Studio,Taipei

2020  佔領淡水河,Bamboo Curtain Studio,Taipei

2020  Taipei International Contemporary Art Annual,TNUA undergroung museum,Taipei

2020  Green Island Human Rights Art Festival-If On The Margin, Draw A Coordinate,Green Island White Terror Memorial Park

2020  Assembly of Communities:MIX (Open class,at fist 3 weeks ), Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei 

2019   _____的長寬高 ,Waley Art, Taipei