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You Yu Shiang


You Yu Shiang

Born in Hengchun in 1991, Shiang is a soldier Working in Taipei. his works aim at  paintings to discuss mechanisms, symbols, propaganda , power relations, etc. Shiang Focus on military field, culture, Taiwan history, politics and other issues.His recent works are related to the military .Through practice and multi-participation in experimental and pluralistic creations, thinking the possibility between military culture and contemporary art.


Department of Fine Arts , TNUAM.F.A.

Department of Applied Arts , N.D.U.B.F.A 


Solo Exhibition

2019Gazing at Millitary435 ART ZONENew Taipei

Group Exhibitions

2020We are drifting,VT artsalon,Taipei

2020Tsiam Nia Tam Tsui Ho,Bamboo Curtain StudioNew Taipei

2020Taiwan AnnualExpo DomeTaipei

2019Slash Life,Underground Art MuseumTaipei

2018Artistic spirit,C.K.S. Memorial HallTaipei

2013Party Of ArtChinese Armed Forces Cultural CenterTaipei