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平敷 傑
Suguru Heshiki

Suguru Heshiki

I have represented goat sculptures so far. The way is to shape the image in my memory. Recently, I’ve been thinking about a mechanism in which people are closely related to art works.


     2015         M.F.A. Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts

     1988         Born in Okinawa


     2021         Small Goat trip, Okinawa, Taiwan, Thailand

     2021         Akemodoro sougou bunkasai, Okinawa

     2020         Okinawa Asia International Peace Arts Festival 2020

     2019         Suguru Heshiki solo exhibition, Okinawa

     2018-21         Exhibition of works made by an art teacher

     2018-21         Koga no Keisyouten, Okinawa

     2018-21         Okinawa Taiwan Contemporary Art Exhibition 混炒黒潮, Taiwan, Okinawa