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Seo Sangho had exhibited in 7 Solo shows till 2007. Starting of the Opening show of Busan Museum of Art, he continuously got involved in numerous exhibitions including soft power/Daejeon Museum of Art, Sejong Centre for the Performing Art Reopening show out door/Gwangju Museum of Art, 2002 Busan Biennale Sea Art Festival. KIAF, 2008 Art in Busan and more than 100 exhibitions both as an artist and a director. After 2009, he became to concentrate in directing.

By directing for SanbokDoro 2006, AnchangMaul, An,Chang, Go 2007, SanbokDoro 1Bunji 2010 and many more public arts, his passion over public art got bigger and made him focus on unite various Asian countries. Through these experience, he developed and artist residency and Asian artist exchange program. (5Countries).

One of his successful examples for gathering many artists from various Asian countries is AIA (Asia Independent Art). This unique group of Asian Artists from more than 5 different countries is expending towards the world especially to Europe by making a round abroad in 2014 through the Via Project research in London. Based on these informations, he now, positions himself as a director of Open space Bae, a non-profit space over 20 years. Nonprofit Art Space Network of Korea president.Taiwan art group HantooS curator. Artistic director of 2019 Busan biennale sea art festival.