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Paul McDevitt

Paul McDevitt

Born 1972 Troon, Scotland. Lives and works in Berlin.

Solo Exhibitions/Projects

2021 McStock Farbvision, Berlin (with Tommy Støckel)

         Modern Furnishings Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen

2018 40 sipgate, Düsseldorf

2017 Cave Paintings Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen

         Modern Furnishings SMAC, Berlin

         Hogwash Mrs Rick’s Cupboard, Nottingham, UK

         Dolph Projects, London

2016 Kunstbibliothek, Berlin (with Cornelius Quabeck as Infinite Greyscale)

         Von Holden Studio, Palermo, IT (with Cornelius Quabeck as Infinite Greyscale)

         House of St Barnabas, London

2015 Grand Canyon Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

         Hunker Down LICA, Lancaster, UK

2014 Kunstverein Düsseldorf Schaufenster (with Cornelius Quabeck as Infinite Greyscale)

         Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen

2013 Espacio Valverde, Madrid

         A Life Without Shame Sommer & Kohl, Berlin

2012 If You Haven’t Any Hay (with Cornelius Quabeck), Galerie Horst Schuler, Düsseldorf

         Night Soil Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen

2011 Running on Woollen Legs Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

2010 OBE Sommer & Kohl Berlin

         What Survives APT/Peter Bergman, Stockholm

2009 Bile and Manias Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen

         The Cant Artspeak, Vancouver (cat.)

         Bierstadt (with Cornelius Quabeck) Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

         Ecstatic Visions etc. Galerie Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam

         Spastic with Cheer (with Heike Kati Barath) Kunstverein Schwerte, Schwerte, DE (cat.)

  1. Bierstadt (with Cornelius Quabeck) Galerie Horst Schuler, Düsseldorf

          Journal of the Winds Sommer & Kohl, Berlin

          Bierstadt (with Cornelius Quabeck) Dunckerstrasse 17, Berlin

2007 Guide Me Berwick Gymnasium, Berwick-upon-Tweed, UK (cat.)

         Solitary Figure in Landscape Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

2004 Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

2003 Merge ‘inbrief’ print project, Jerwood Foundation, London

         The Horns of Moses Habitat Kings Road, London

2001 Half-Life Hales Gallery, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 AAIP Sint Lucas Showroom, Antwerp, BE

         Kunst im Traum HibertRaum, Berlin

         AAIP Weserburg Museum, Bremen

         Porös Lobe Block, Berlin

2020 Figure Up BCMA Berlin

         Flagge Zeigen multiple locations, Brandenburg

2018 Wunderkammer Esberg Museum, Esberg, DK

         Multiple Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

         History of Line Milchhof, Berlin

         Malevolent Eldritch Shrieking AttercliffeTM, Sheffield, UK

2016 Costermongering Belmacz, London

2015 Recordings Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg, DE (with Cornelius Quabeck as


         1+1=22 Galerie Roy, Zülpich, DE

         20 Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

         Ouvrez l’œil Le Bel Ordinaire, Pau, France (with Cornelius Quabeck as IGR)

2014 Associations – New SALTS, Basel

         Le Temps de la Rentrée Sommer & Kohl, Berlin

         Just Add Water CCA Andtratx, Majorca

         Body and Void: Echoes of Henry Moore in Contemporary Art Henry Moore

         Foundation, Perry Green, UK

         Decline and Fall online exhibition (, curated by Francesca Gavin

         Study From The Human Body Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

2012 About Stupidity curated by Doreet LeVitte Harten and Diana Dallal, The Petach Tikva

         Museum of Art, Israel

         Es war einmal was nie gewesen ist curated by Henrik Schrat, Galerie Ute Parduhn,


         Zeichen und Wunder curated by Andreas Oehlert, Kunsthaus Nürnberg, Nürnberg

         Collaborations and Interventions curated by Friederike Nymphius, CCA Kunsthalle,

         Andratx, Majorca

         Glamourie PSL, Leeds

2011 Under Stor Press Dunckers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden

         Backstage Rider Kunst Magasin, Berlin

         Laws and Sausage nationalmuseum, Berlin

         Summer in the City Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen

         From Berlin Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen

         Press Release Essays and Observations, Berlin

         No Government, No Cry (a project by Kendell Geers) C.I.A.P, Hasselt, Belgium

         Der Menschen Klee KIT, Düsseldorf (cat.)

2010 Lei da Selva Lehmann Maupin, New York

         Summer in the City Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen

         The Berlin Box CCA Kunsthalle, Andratx, Majorca

         Radical Adults The Forgotten Bar, Berlin

2009 Abstract Cabinet Show Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK (cat.)

         Paper Moon Sommer & Kohl, Berlin

         Summer in the City Martin Asbaek Gallery, Copenhagen

         The Golden Record – The Sounds of Earth g39, Cardiff, UK

         The Golden Record – The Sounds of Earth The Collection, Lincoln, UK

         Nus Galeria Fortes Vilaça, Sao Paulo, Brazil

         Col-lecció Art Foundation Mallorca CCA Kunsthalle, Andratx, Majorca

2008 Chambres à part II curated by Laurence Dreyfus, La Réserve, Paris

         100 Years 100 Artists 100 Works of Art A Foundation Gallery, London

         Golden Record – the Sounds of Earth Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

         Supernatural curated by Friederike Nymphius, CCA Kunsthalle, Andratx, Majorca

         Pendre la Crémaillère Sommer & Kohl, Berlin

         Cult Fiction curated by Emma Mahony, Tullie House, Carlise (cat.)

         Space to Draw Jerwood Space, London (cat.)

2007 Star Dust ou la Dernière Frontière MAC/VAL Musée D’Art Contemporain Du Val-De-

         Marne, Paris (cat.)

         Cult Fiction curated by Emma Mahony The New Art Gallery, Walsall, touring to

         Nottingham Castle, Leeds City Art Gallery, Aberystwyth Art Gallery (cat.)

2006 Prints Now: Directions & Definitions V&A, London (cat.)

         The Starry Messenger: Visions of the Universe Compton Verney, Warwickshire, UK


         Drawing Inspiration Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, UK (cat.)

2005 Sonnenblumen Titanic Kjubh, Cologne

         Ticker curated by Aurélie Voltz, carlier | gebauer, Berlin

         The Failure Korridor, Berlin

         10th Anniversary Exhibition Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

         Post Notes ICA, London & touring

         Communism curated by Grant Watson, Project, Dublin

2004 Implosion Raum500, Munich

         Pledge Sparwasser HQ, Berlin

         No-How Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

2003 Post it Floating IP, Manchester

         EU3 – European Drawing Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

         I want! I want! Towner Art Centre, Eastbourne

         Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland

         Some Panoramas Pump House, London

         Arrangement: the use of flowers in art Rhodes+Mann, London (cat.)

         Please! Take One 39, London

         Bad Touch Keith Talent Gallery, London

         Ponce the Ship, London

         Phillip Allen, Diana Cooper, Paul McDevitt Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

         Air Guitar: Art Reconsidering Rock Music curated by Emma Mahony (cat.)

         Tullie House, Carlisle

         Angel Row, Nottingham

2002 Non-Plan domoBaal, London (cat.)

         YesteryearNowadays Hales Gallery, London

         Air Guitar: Art Reconsidering Rock Music curated by Emma Mahony (cat.)

         Cornerhouse, Manchester

         MK G, Milton Keynes

         Neverland Cell Project Space, London

         Reverberator curated by Michael Archer, Houldsworth, London

         Lovely curated by Andreas Oehlert, Kohlenhof, Nuremberg

2001 Please Use The Space Provided For Additional Information

         Andrew Mummery Gallery, London

         What’s Wrong? curated by Dave Beech, The Trade Apartment, London

         Die München Sonne (with Declan Clarke) Maximiliansforum, Munich

         Skuggspel Tullkammaren, Umeå, Sweden

         The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2001 (cat.)

         Cheltenham & Gloucester College, Cheltenham

         The Alberto Vilar Gallery at the Prince’s Foundation, London

         EICH Gallery, Hull

         Teeth & Trousers Cell Project Space, London

         Freie Wahlen (McDevitt, Purdy, Quabeck) Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden,

         Germany (cat.)

         Saatchi Gallery Bursaries 1999 – 2001 The Saatchi Gallery at 30 Underwood St,

         London (cat.)

2000 Compilation PLUS, Düsseldorf

         Felt-Tip David Risley/Zwemmer Gallery, London

         Hellseher Projektraum Konkordiastrasse, Düsseldorf

         The Armchair Project Cinch, London

         McDevitt, Purdy, Quabeck – Bigger Monster Lover Glasgow Project Space, Glasgow

         McDevitt, Purdy, Quabeck – Uptight (Outta Sight) PLUS, Düsseldorf

         Teenage Comedown 15c, London

Curated Projects (with Declan Clarke)

2014 Youth 10 page project in Twin.

2013-14 Rain, Steam, and Speed Sommer & Kohl, Berlin

2012 Farbige Schatten Goethe-Institut Dublin, Ireland

2011 Herbei ein Licht! Lismore Castle Arts: St Cathage Hall, Lismore, Ireland

2009 Fuck Book Publication, Eastside Projects, Birmingham

2008 Coney Island Hotdog Eating Championship (event) Galerie Ben Kaufmann, Berlin

         Video Screening Dunckerstrasse 17, Berlin

         Printed Project #9 ‘The Call of the Wild is Now a Cry for Help’ published by Visual

         Artists Ireland

2007 Expect Nothing Gallery for One, Dublin

         Feint publication, Dublin

2005 Matt Calderwood, Björn Dahlem, Sophie von Hellerman, Ian Kiaer, Cornelius

         Quabeck Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin (cat.)

2002 Play it as it Lays – 17 artists from Los Angeles London Institute Gallery Millbank,


2000 The Armchair Project Cinch, London

         Dust Up – Two Down The House, Chelsea College of Art, London

Solo publications:

2022 48 published by Infinite Greyscale (forthcoming)

         47 published by Infinite Greyscale (forthcoming)

         Innenhalb des Rings published by Infinite Greyscale (forthcoming)

         untitled (with Jefre Ledesma-Cantu) published by Farbvision (forthcoming)

2020 HMF published by Infinite Greyscale

         46 published by Infinite Greyscale

2018 Muse published by Re:Surgo

2015 The Fall of Professor M (with Declan Clarke) published by Hunker Down

         One Two (with Matt Calderwood) published by Hunker Down

         Conference published by Hunker Down

         Enveloped published by Hunker Down

         43 published by Infinite Greyscale

2013 40 published by Infinite Greyscale

         One Hour Photos (with Matt Calderwood) published by Infinite Greyscale

2012 39 published by Infinite Greyscale

         Paul McDevitt (monograph) published by Kerber

         Paul McDevitt & Cornelius Quabeck published by Infinite Greyscale

         Muse published by Infinite Greyscale

2011 Recent Collaborations published by Martin Asbæk Gallery

2010 Stellar Paralax: North Kent published by Artlands

2009 The Cant published by Artspeak

         Printed Project (guest editor), published by Visual Arts Ireland

2008 McDevitt • Quabeck published by Anti Hero

2007 Guide Me published by Art Editions North

2006 What is Subjectivity? published by Compton Verney

2005 Clarke & McDevitt Present published by Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

2001 Lost Weekend published by Pocko