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Ou Chun Sung


Ou Chun Sung

Using events as a means of creation,and the creative form spans various states such as theater, action, planned performance, space installation, etc.”Audience-Work-Field” as a Triangle in My Art. The creator is invisible but not silent, like a ghost, like a director in a theater, who implements a set of rules and laws, and dispatches the audience’s focus to the actors on stage (work), even though is Nothing on the stage. In addition, through the audience’s personal presence and operation, it attempts to break through the cognitive boundaries of reality and inertia, so as to make the audience look back at their own existence and presence at this moment, as well as recognize the existing limitations of the space itself. It is an attempt to show the viewing relationship and way of visual art in a more game (ruled) way.


Solo Exhibitions

2021  Where The Key?, Yong Fu, New Taipei, Taiwan

Group Exhibitions

2022  “TNUA Master Of Fine Arts : 2022 Open Studio”, National Taipei University of the Arts Studio, Taipei, Taiwan

2022  “I Travelled 14km Just To Close The Door For You”, Lion Plaza and Guandu Bridge Observation Platform,Taipei,Taiwan

2022  “2022 EXCHANGE”, Yong Fu, New Taipei, Taiwan

2021  “WAAAAQQ”, Taipei Art University Underground Art Museum, Taipei,Taiwan

2021  “YOUNG  VOICES”, Dadun Culture Center, Taichung, Taiwan

2021  “Not Productive: Not Producing: Unsuitable For Production”,Shell Warehouse Building D, New Taipei, Taiwan 

2021  “Houliao Site Creation Project”, Houliao, Taoyuan, Taiwan

2020  “OPEN STUDIO”, Taipei Art University Underground Art Museum Studio, Taipei, Taiwan

2021  “Because We Are Always Up And Down In This World”, Taipei Art University Underground Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2019  “Floating On The Back To The Northwest”, TC YACHT, New Taipei, Taiwan


2021  The 4th Li Bao Contemporary Sculpture Creation Merit Award

2019  The 2rd Li Bao Contemporary Sculpture Creation Judges’ Award