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Taiwan & Ukraine International artists Exchange Exhibition

Duration: 2022/04/23-06/02

Opening: 2022/4/23 19:00-21:00

Curatorial Team:Open Place,VT Artsalon,Chen Nien Ting

Assistant Curator: Elizabeth Shih

Taiwan| Yao Jui-Chung,Su Hui-Yu,Tu Wei-Cheng
Ukraine| Open Plance, Piotr Armianovski,Pavlo Kovach

Venue: VT Artsalon (B1, No.17, Ln.56, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd, TaipeiCity 104, Taiwan)


“We saw the market that we go to everyday get blown into pieces. Families without a home in just seconds. Children who thought they were going on vacation out of country. No one in the world should be experiencing this.”

—-Yulia Kosterieva, Ukraine Curator 2022/03/07.

For this exhibition, we have invited Ukrainian interdisciplinary platform,” Open Place”, and also Taiwan independent Curator Chen Nien Ting, to collaborate together with VT ArtSalon. Through the practice of art, looking back at the political transformation of the two places under the world order during the period of the cold war. Allowing open discussion, and providing multiple channels of expression. With this exhibition, putting attention to the recent Ukraine war, and the topics concerning anti-war and humanitarian care. Giving support to the people in Ukraine through art, and also giving the people of Taiwan a chance to introspect, and a chance to exchange thoughts.

Since 2017, VT ArtSalon started an art cooperation project called” YoUnited States”. The project turned into an alliance between non-mainstream cities. By creating and demonstrating art, we started a new and expanding “Word System” thinking, a connection that can take on the mainstream. There are six artists attending this exhibition, which are representative contemporary artists from Ukraine and Taiwan. Through visual works of art such as videos and documents, express the connection between the people of the two countries in the international competition and political confrontation, and social instability. Although with the difference between the cultures of Taiwan and Ukraine, we are still facing similar difficulties politically. Hoping through this exhibition, audiences can understand and feel the tense atmosphere of the current international situation. And experiencing the pain of the Ukraine war, we can reflect on our own position and also provide support for Ukraine.