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- Stephen Eastaugh Solo Exhibition

Date : Apr. 15, 2023 – May. 20, 2023

Opening : Apr. 15, 2023 16:00

Meet the Artist : Apr. 29, 2023 16:00

Artists : Stephen Eastaugh

Venue : VT Artsalon (B1, No.17, Ln.56, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd, TaipeiCity 104, Taiwan.)

I present a mixture of landscape-derived works from here, there, and elsewhere. Work on paper, mixed media work, film work and a documentary. All inspired by moving through landscapes as I have spent over forty years on the road. Setting up studios in an array of locations; from a bus in the Sahara desert to an icebreaking ship at the North Pole and now at THAV in Taipei.

While traveling I have operated as a visual pilgrim with seemingly a great lack of direction.  Am I someone with extreme wanderlust who finds the concept of “home” difficult to comprehend? Perhaps I am a neo-nomad or just another lucky transnational with a strange variety of travel sickness. A pleasing disease which has made me addicted to packing my bags, unpacking and then packing over and over again.

This exhibition can be seen as a visual travelogue as I have visited 100 countries scattered across all continents. Geography and what happens to me as I move over it is my muse. No matter if I travel by elevator, helicopter, train or by simply walking; all are just ways to make the journey. 

In fact even when I am immobile I am still actually very mobile. As we all are.