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Miyagi Cliff

Miyagi Cliff 

Born in Okinawa, whose culture has been affected by  Japan and America, my expression for art is strongly based on this historical mixture. On top of this, after living in the UK for ten years, my expression for art  became more complex.

The expression can take any form, such as painting, installation, and etc. Choosing subjects not taken for granted, finding a poetic expression, to be hidden in a shadow, no honor or glory, but a true reflection of the world, I try to transform this reality into art with my interpretation.


     2021       UPSET FIRE(TESIO / Okinawa)

     2020       Wakamatsu Parmacy Epilogue (Wakamatsu Parmacy / Okinawa)

     2019       Okinawa 100 landscapes(ten / Okinawa)

     2019       Kuroshio Champloo・Taiwan & Okianwa(Camp Talganie / Okinawa) 

     2017       Sleeping trees, Waking trees(miyagiya blue spot / Okinawa)

     2017       Yukka Nu Hi(Sakata Studio/Okinawa)

     2017       Kuroshio Champloo・Taiwan & Okianwa(Camp Talganie / Okinawa)

     2017       Mabuni Peace Project(Okinawa Peace Memorial Park / Okinawa)

     2017       Art Fair Asia・Fukuoka2017(Hotel Okura/Fukuoka)

     2017       行人之島 台日交流展(未藝術空間 / 台湾) 

     2016       Mabuni Peace Project(Okinawa Peace Memorial Park / Okinawa) 

     2015       Kuroshio Champloo・Taiwan & Okianwa (Camp Talganie / Okinawa)

     2014       THE ART FAIR+PLUS-ULTRA 2014(Sprira Garden/Tokyo) 

     2008       In the Loo(Relux Garden / London) 

     2003       FLATLAND, Golden Night Club / Okinawa) 

     2003       Loofa(JULY / Okinawa)

     2001       The Aldwych Art(The Aldwych Tube / London)

     2001       {X}HIBIT(London Institute Gallery/ London)

     2001       Phapsodic Visions(Mafuji Gallery / London)

     2000       Crossed Purposes(Mafuji Gallery / London)

     2002-2005       Chelsea College of Art & Design(UK)