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Jhang Wun Gong


Jhang Wun Gong

Born in Taiwan in 1982, is living now in Taipei and studying for a master’s program in the Fine Arts Department of Taipei National University of the Arts. He is very interested in questions that do not have  specific answers, and having been searching and colliding while exploring the world. He often changes his own thoughts during the process of making the art creation, this repeating dialectics, and to think what is the meaning of to think become an amusing routine.

Jhang Wun Gong’s artworks focus on the things that are contradictory but are accustomed in the environment and in all kinds of situations. The easily to be ignored ambiguous state, for artists, it is the way it is of the world. 

Jhang Wun Gong  uses the concept of sketching to find the potential meaning of the daily life. By taking actions and poetic methods to rethink the relation between the environment, the time and the space, to make the object to have another chance to be viewed different way  by breaking the way of our old thinks.