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Kim Hyunju

Seoul-based media artist HyunJu Kim (ex-media) has been exhibiting various digital experimental films, interactive installation and robotic artworks nationally and internationally. In her recent works, she has been creating artistic vocabularies to deal with the issue of the body in the techno-society and the ontological and epistemological relations of human, machine, algorithm and things in the time of ‘non-human turn. Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including “ISEA 2019” at ACC (Korea, 2019), “404 International Festival of Art & Technology” (USA, 2019), “Digifesta” (Korea, 2010), “Continuum” at the George Segal Gallery (USA, 2009), ImageMovementSound Festival (USA, 2005 ), Sixth International Digital Art Exhibit and Colloquium (Cuba, 2004), Toronto Online Film Festival (Canada,2002), International Audio Visual Creation Festival of Navarre (Spain,2002) and ”Media[Less] Medium” at the Boston Center for the Arts (USA, 2002).