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Huang Jing Jun

Huang Jing Jun

Huang Jing-Jun, born in 1988, raised and based in Kaohsiung.

Without academic training, Huang has developed his own style and technique on sculpture from constantly learning and inspecting different types of creations. After graduated from TungHai University in 2009, he went back to Kaohsiung and started learning pottery production. There he met his mentor Mr. Li Huai-Jin and learned the“Life Pottery (生活陶)”, a traditional kind of pottery inspired by daily routines, for four years. In 2013, Huang entered the Department of Visual Arts of National PingTung University and started his career with combination of traditional sculpture and modern pottery, especially the mixture of human face and animal face.

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     2021         Department of Visual Arts, National Pingtung University of Education National Pingtung University 


Joint Exhibition

     2015         Fenghua condensation Creation Exhibition 

     2016         Cross-Strait Exchanges Youth Visual Arts Exhibition

     2017         Nwe KuroshioチャンプルーOkinawa・Taiwan Modern Art Exchange Exhibition

     2018         Mix Tidal Okinawa.Taiwan Modern Art Exchange Exhibition 

     2018         Youkai Season Taiwan.Hakata Exchange Exhibition

     2020         Young Art Kaohsiung