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Hu Ching Chuan

Borned in Taipei , now studying at graduate school of Department of New Media Art, Taipei National University of the Arts.

My art practice investigates the heterogenity between reality and illusion, between technology and human beings. I am always trying to intervene reality and virtuality with image production, and I extended my practice to contemporary new media art through experimental images making. Meanwhile, I extract and create possiblities besides the present existence through the investigation and reflection of the present and the future.

Joint Exhibition|
2018 The Urgency of Reality in a Hyper-Connected Age, ACM SIGGRAPH.
2018 LIFE GEEK, SANDLIN IN CITY, Shanghai, China.
2018 ART Kaohsiung – VR+Video Art Section, The Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN.
2018 2018 Yilan Awards, Cultural Affairs Bureau, ICG, Yilan, TAIWAN.
2018 Video on the Phone,POLYMER X Hong-gah Museum, Taipei, TAIWAN.


Film Festival|
2018 FANTASTIC XICHONG,Xichong Beach, Shenzhen, China.
2017 FIRST International Film Festival, Xining, China.
2017 FIRST Public Programming Tour Screening, Taipei, TAIWAN.
2017 Liverpool Film Night, Liverpool, Britain.
2017 Lanzarote International Video Art Week, Lanzarote, Spain.


2018 LIFE GEEK, Shanghai, China. (AR/VR Award)
2018 2018 Yilan Awards, Yilan, TAIWAN. (Merit Prize)
2018 2018 Kaohsiung Awards, Kaohsiung , TAIWAN. (Kaohsiung Awards)
2017 FIRST International Film Festival, Xining, China. (Best experimental work)
2017 Before Invalid – Exhibition Statement, Taipei, TAIWAN. (First prize)