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Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1993, and obtained her Master of Fine Arts  degree from the University of London, Chelsea College of Arts, UK. Using  photography as her main creative medium, Hsu Ting transforms real shooting scenes  into abstract language and develops flat photographic images into spatial installations.  Hsu Ting is good at using site-specific production methods, integrating images and  spatial relationships of different dimensions, reflecting on the aspects of photography  and reality, and creating an imaging experience that spans vision and body.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020 「Bright Dissolution」, Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center,Tainan,Taiwan  

2019 「04:53:77」, IT Park,Taipei,Taiwan 

2018 「As_: The blink of an eye」Lewisham Art House Gallery,London,UK


Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 「 Places of Being — Space and Materiality in Taiwan’s Avant-Garde Art ,1980-2021」,National Taiwan  Museum of Fine Arts,Taichung,Taiwan

2021 「The 29th Asian International Art Exhibition」,Kyushu Geibunkan,Fukuoka,Japan

2021 「Dwelling On the Island」,YuGuang Island Art Festival,Tainan,Taiwan

2021 「Magic Hour」,Yuejin Lantern Festival, Tainan,Taiwan

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