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Galaqtion Eristavi

Galaqtion Eristavi was born in 1990 Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2011 he graduated Tbilisi State Art Academy and after went through the informal master program in Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi. Since then he is working with various media as an artist and has been presented on a number of shows in Georgia and abroad. Within Active for Culture he initiated Georgian Video Art Archive in 2013. Also together with group was opened art residency in Rustavi city 2015. He has been involved in organizing Tbilisi Triennial 2012, 2015. From 2016 he moved to village Shroma and started making farm. Also initiating social changes within the village to develop cultural and economical aspects, with working on recovery of local museum and connecting space with international contexts.


Work Experience |

Co founder of Block 21- Rustavi residency – 2015

Co founder of Georgian Video Art Archive – 2014




2016 Dynamic Exchange, Nectar Gallery , Tbilisi

2016 Tbilisi – Archive of Transition

2015 Implied Object, Europe House, Tbilisi

2015 SIX GATES TO CAUCASUS, Skogen, Goteburg

2013 Kulturhuset, Stokholm