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Feng, Bingyi

Feng Bingyi was born in Ningbo in 1991 and is currently based in Shanghai.
She is good at using the creation styles between video art and movie as medium of expression. What’s more, she prefer using poetic language to build self-consciousness of narrative space. Her research realm is translating texts into images which usually use a text as examples then rewrite and restructure it by looking for fracture of logic from notes. And the creating forms include video installation, painting, photography, documentary, animation, etc.
2009-2013 School of Intermedia Art (SIMA), China Academy of Arts, China, Bachelor of Art
2014-2015 Chelsea college of Arts, University of Arts London, UK, Master of Art: Distinction
Recent works include: Solo Exhibition “Fool’s Gold” “Cold Truth” (A Thousand Plateaus Art Space), “The Story of Your Life II” (Surplus Space). Selected group exhibitions, “The Story of Your Life I” (Long March Space, Beijing), The Tale of Taiping Era (Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing), “The King Stranger” (UnArt Center, Shanghai), ” Splendor in the Grass, Plenty Fish in the Sea” (The Delaware Contemporary, USA), “The Undertow” (Helsinki Festival,Here out There, Helsinki, Finland), etc.

Scholarships and Honors |
2019 13th AAC Art China, Young Artist of the Year Nomination Award
2018 Art Sanya, Huayu Youth Award Nominations
Lin Feng-Mian’s scholarship in 2012-2013
China Academy of Art Gold Medal of excellent