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Chung Shun-Lung

Chung Shun-Lung Born in Hualien, Taiwan in 1974, Chung graduated from Fotosoft Institute of Photography, and received his master’s degree from London University of Goldsmiths College in Image & Communication. Some of his experiences include training in photograph long-term preservation techniques at Liang-Yuan Art Workshop, photo journalist for Apple Daily (2003-2005), volunteer photographer for John Tung Foundation, and lecturer at the National Taiwan University of Arts Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts and Department of Visual Communication Design (2006-2009). Chung’s artwork “Seeing is Believing” received the 2002 Taipei Arts Award Selected, and “From the Dark” received the Kaohsiung Arts Award Selected. Chung is currently a free-lance photographer and a visual artist. His artworks concentrate primarily on the societal changes brought on by developments in civilization, as well as exploring the transformation of objects in image space by reconstructing subtle phenomena in daily life. In 2009, he settled down in his hometown, after which his work begin to incorporate his concerns for agriculture and environment. Aside from photography, he has taken on farming as a career and is currently managing his own brand Goodeatss.

Education |
2002 London University of Goldsmiths College, MA Image & Communication
2001 London University of Goldsmiths College, Certificate for Postgraduate Study in Fine Art


1994 Fotosoft Institute of Photography, Taipei, Taiwan

Exhibitions |
2018 “Love in the Fallen City”, Hsinchu City Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Fruit, flower, object and others, Group Exhibiton, Double Square Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 Critical Realism in Taiwanese Photographic Art Since1990, Kaohsiung
2012 Fine Arts Museum, Kaohsiung ,Taiwan
2011 Civilized Landscape-The Marker, Fotoaura Institute of Photography, Tainan, Taiwan

Awards |
2003 Kaohsiung Arts Award Selected
2002 Taipei Arts Award Selected