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chen yi zhang

陳奕彰  Chen Yi-Chang

     1980         Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan



     2004         Graduated from the Department of Sculpture,

                      National Taiwan University of Arts

     2008         Graduated from the Institute of Plastic Arts,

                      National Taiwan University of Arts

     2015         The doctoral program

                       of the Institute of Art Creation Theory,

                       Tainan University of the Arts



     Professional sculptor



Village Experience

     2012         Artist-in-Residence,

                      Gao-yuan University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung City

     2011         Artist-in-Residence of Don-ghe Iron and Steel Factory, Xi-hu Township, Miaoli County

     2005         The 1st Hsinchu Railway Art Village Resident Artist

                      The 5th Chiayi Railway Art Village Resident Artist

                      The 6th Kaohsiung County Qi-aozai-tou Artist-in-Residence


Creative Camp Experience

     2013         “All People Love Steel”

                      Kaohsiung International Steel Sculpture Art Festival, Kaohsiung

                      Lazarea art camp Romanian Art Camp, Romania

     2008         Pingtung Art Festival, Artist in Residence, Linluo, Pingtung

     2007         2007 Penghu International Landscape Art Festival, Penghu

     2006         The 3rd Huilan International Artists Creation Camp, Hualien

                      “Lakeside Art Season” Campus Creation Sculpture Camp, Gaoyuan University of Science and Technology

     2005         Hualien Mambo Fish Season Welding Future Partner Creation Camp, Qixingtan, Hualien

                      Driftwood Carving Competition, Forestry Bureau, Agriculture Committee, Executive Yuan, Sanyi, Miaoli

                      “Classic Stone Becomes Today” Hualien Mini Stone Sculpture Creation Camp, Hualien Port



                      “2009 Taoyuan Creation Award” First Prize

                      “2008 Taiwan New Look Exhibition” third place

                      “The 58th Provincial Art Exhibition”, the first place in the sculpture category

                      “2003 Hsinchu Art Exhibition” first place in the sculpture category

                      “The 21st Taoyuan Art Exhibition” first place in the sculpture category

                      Second place in “Taiwan Salt International Salt Sculpture Competition”

                      The 3rd Taoyuan Creation Award

                      “The 59th Provincial Art Exhibition”, “Pingtung Art Exhibition in 1993 and 1994″, the best selection of sculpture category



     2006         “Still” works in the collection of Kaohsiung Art Museum

     2016         Taichung National Art Museum Art Bank “Nigiri Sushi – Mentaiko Series” Collection


Solo Exhibition

     2012         <Iron Bubble> 2012 Chen Yizhang Solo Exhibition, Art and Culture Center,

                       Gaoyuan University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung

     2011         Gundam—2011 Chen Yizhang Solo Exhibition, Xinbin Wharf Art Space, Kaohsiu

     2011         Spring Donghe Iron and Steel Factory Resident Artist Achievement Presentation, Miaoli

     2010         <Air City Shape> Chen Yizhang’s installation art experience exhibition, Ximending City Art District, Taipei


Group Exhibition

     2021         Drifting Birds 197, Landscape Art Festival, Taitung

     2021         Pingtung Lantern Festival, Pingtung

     2018         Yuanxiang People, Taipei Hakka Cultural Park, Taipei

                      Fish Assassin – Sea and Land Platter, Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park, Taichung

                      Seeing the melody of nature/Bionic art beasts, Taipei Botanical Garden Collection

                      Adult Circus Orchestra/2018 Cultural Expo, Flower Expo Park Zhengyan Pavilion, Taipei

     2017         <Unity Music Festival> Installation Art Exhibition, Shanghai World Expo Park, Shanghai

                      “The Story of a River” Taipei Landscape Art Festival, Meilun Park, Taipei

                      “This Summer Animals’ Creation” Wild Animal Garden Group Exhibition, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taipei

     2016         Fish Assassin – Taiwan Contemporary Annual Exhibition, Huabo Zhengyan Museum, Taipei

                      Water Purification – Taichung Opera House Installation Art Exhibition, Taichung Opera House, Taichung

                      Island Poetics – Taiwan and Okinawa Artists Exchange Exhibition, Pingtung Art Museum, Pingtung

                      Hong Kong Art Fair – Fish Assassin, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Kaohsiung

                      2016 Kaohsiung Birdsong Wetland Park Environmental Art Season Exhibition, Birdsong Wetland, Kaohsiung

     2015         Swing it~Animals, Chi Mei Museum, Tainan

                      Fish Assassin – Memories of the Sea, Tainan Cultural Center, Tainan

                      Fish Assassin – Reloaded, Pier 2 Art Zone, Kaohsiung

     2014         Ritual Collection – Pocket Boutique Exhibition, New Thinking Humanities Space, Kaohsiung

     2013         FORMOSA Sculpture Biennale”, The Pier-2 Art Zone, Kaohsiung

                      2013 Accredited Corporation Kyoto Art Exchange Association Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan, Vibrant Asia

                      2013 The 22nd Annual Exhibition of Asian Modern Sculptors Association,  Guangzhou, China