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Chang Chen­ Shen

The physical plan combines self-life process, human nature, suffering, society, edge and so on at images, installations, concepts and behaviours (actions) and plans,practice of  engages in video, installation, concept, performance and project-based art to discuss personal life journeys, humanity, sufferings and social fringe groups. The experimental manipulation arouses people’s awareness to the human body and the way of viewing it while guiding the audience to re-think the relationship between humanity and suffering.



2021 Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy in National Defense Medical Center
2021 Taipei National University of the Arts
2015 Department of Fine Arts of Tunghai University
2008 Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School


Solo Exhibition|

2021 “Incarnation Project – Anatomical Theatre”, VT Artsalon


Group Exhibition|

2021 “Incarnation Project – Surgical Cuts and Stitches Landscape Wounds”, “Younger Than Buddha“, Double Square Gallery
2020 “Incarnation Project – Surgery of Muse Implant”, Taiwan Biennial “Subzoology”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2020 “Incarnation Project – Original Desire”, Taiwan Biennial Collateral Events “Bian Tai Routes”, Acid House
2020 “Incarnation Project – Surgery of Muse Implant” Kaohsiung Award, The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (KMFA)
2019 “Incarnation Project – Surgery of Muse Implant”, “Free Up”, TNUA Underground Experimental Field, New Taipei, Taiwan
2019 “Incarnation Project – Surgery of Muse Implant”, Taiwan Annual, Taipei Expo Park
2019 “Swung Dash”, Tamsui History Museum C Warehouse, New Taipei, Taiwan
2019 “A Journey Begins”, TC Yachts, New Taipei, Taiwan
2017 “One Night Stay”, Regent Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan