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Yao Jui-Chung Solo Exhibition

Date : Dec. 24, 2022 – Jan. 07, 2023

Opening : Jan. 07, 2023 (Sat.) 19-21pm

Artists : Ou Chun-Sung, Chang Yiwei, Lee Wan-Chen, Hu Ching-Wen, Yang Chieh Yu, Lin Wen-Che, Huang Ting Chun, Cheng Hao, Lin Yu Ying

Venue : VT Artsalon

“We are all in Chambers+. What do you see?”

“We are all in Chambers+. Why are you here?”

“We are all in Chambers+. Are you going up or down?”


Chambers+ is like Plato’s allegory of the cave. The “+” alludes to the “upper chamber” and “lower chamber,” and “Chambers+” is an imaginary space about reality. The artists imagine themselves as prisoners confined in Chambers+ and collaborate to construct an ideal flame in the upper chamber so they can look at the shadows they cast on the lower chamber. Here, no one wants to go outside, because this is a self-indulgent space for the artists, a place where they have built their own realities, realities that they believe to be truths, truths that manifest as realities.

However, the audience is an intervenor of Chambers+. Through the acts of “peeking” and “going downstairs,” viewers intervene with Chambers+ and gain a glimpse of the realities that the artists believe in. As they go downstairs, they see the projection of these realities, and Chambers+ becomes a place where the different perspectives of the artists and audiences merge.

This exhibition presents spaces that correspond to the white gallery space and the display space of VT Artsalon, which is separated into the “upper chamber” and “lower chamber.” The “upper chamber” is the exterior, a reality woven together by the shared perspectives of the artists; the “lower chamber” is the interior and starts with the perspectives of the artists, each presenting their imaginations toward reality.