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Tsai Yi Ju

Painting has always been the main form of art for artist Yi Ju Tsai to present his works. Some common themes found in his art works include “Bonsai,” “Animals,” and “Childhood Memories” which are all powerfully captured and boldly expressed using acrylic– his main choice of medium. Many of his works reflect his deep admiration for Chinese painting and is exhibited in the layers and colors of the acrylic paint. One can expect to appreciate his creativity of integrating the beauty of Chinese and western paintings that gives life to his works.


1980 Born in Taipei
2005 Graduated from the National Chiayi University Graduate Institute of
Visual Arts
current positions

Solo Exhibitions |

2020 “Unplugged Live”, SOKA ART, Taiwan, Tainan
2019 “ROCK'N' ROLL FAIRY TALE ”, Main Trend gallery, Taiwan, Taipei
2016 “UV FERVOR”, TOSEE Art Agency, Taiwan, Taipei
2015 “My Beast!!!!!!!!”, Daedam Museum, Korea, Damyang-gun
2011 “Nurture Of The Earth — Meditator”, MOT/ARTS, Taiwan, Taipei
Joint Exhibitions

Awards |
2006 First Prize, Winner of the Liu Kuo-Song Award, The First Taipei
Contemporary Ink Painting Biennale
Works Collected by
2019 “Scenery With Thumbs-Up”,Art Bank
“Jungle Party”, Art Bank
2012 “The house of cogged wheel”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art
2009 “Human Bonsai”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art
2008 “The Flame of Desire that set the prairie ablaze I/ IV”, National Taiwan