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Huang Zan Lun Solo Exhibition

Dates: 2019/01/05 (Sat.) – 2019/03/02 (Sat.)

Opening Reception: 2019/01/05 (Sat.) 19:00~21:00

Artist Guide Tour: 2019/01/19 (Sat.) 18:30-19:00

Artist Talk: 2019/01/19 (Sat.) 19:00-20:00

Commentators: Wang Sheng-Hung, Chen Kuang-Yi

Artist: Huang Zan Lun

Venue: VT Artsalon (No. 17, Lane 56, Section 3, Xinsheng North Road, Taipei City)

As people have become largely relying on the convenience made possible by technology, such convenience has also led to our oblivion of the warmth in the real world. Technology shortens the spatial and temporal distance, allowing people to replace physical warmth with windows on computer screens and provide consolation for people on the other side. Without genuine person-to-person interaction, people can now display their identity and status in the computer windows, giving people staring at the windows to examine their true self within the virtual space.

Huang Zan-Lun’s solo exhibition reveals an integration/hybridity of living creatures and machines, through which the artist reflects upon the creative core of his work that looks at the multi-layered relation between self-identity and external environment. Moreover, his work also opens up another dimension, which is the subtle, dialectic relationship between technological machines and belief.

iGod refers a mysterious third world, in which technology guides human beings into the next era when the carriers of various technological interfaces can rapidly transmit massive information. The artist deconstructs a large number of disposed computer motherboards and takes these IC components apart to re-configurate the space to create a circular site that resembles a “future city” while attempting to uncover the emotional experiences of the previous users during the process of deconstruction.