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C&G Art Group

C&G art group consists of artists Chieh-sen Chiu and Margot Guillemot. It is an art creative team focused on merging digital imaging technology with the pattern of cultural development. Employing digital technology as the core basis of their artistic process, the team explores ways in which technology enters our daily lives, and applies this information into their process. How does one digitally reconstruct the possibilities of the urban landscape from intangible memories? Working from the regionality of people and landscape, C&G art group investigates how the contemporary human coexists and interlays with technology.

Exhibitions |
2019 I/0 Landscape, (Duo show) VT Art Salon, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 PS, (Group show) Our Museum, NTUA, Taiwan
2019 Now and here, (Group show) Solid art, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2019 Small Singapore Show 2.1, (Group show) Supernormal, Singapore
2018 Small Singapore Show 2.0, (Group show) OCAC, Taipei, Taiwan

Prize |
2018 Yilan Art Awards – Chiehsen CHIU – Prize
2017 Taipei Art Awards – Chiehsen CHIU – Nominated
2016 Next Art Tainan – Chiehsen CHIU – Nominated
2016 Drawing Room – Prix de la jeune création – Margot Guillemot – Nominated
2015 Kaoshiung awards – Chiehsen CHIU – Nominated

Residencies |
2019/04 – 2019/11 – Arts@ITRI, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
2019/09 – 2019/10 – Maison des arts Georges et Claude Pompidou, France
2019/06 – 2019/08 – Kaoshiung Pier 2, Taiwan (Chiehsen CHIU)
2017/04 – 2019/04 – NTUA Our Museum

Bangkah, Through-Everyday, 218 p., published on October 2018