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Lin Pey Chwen

Pey-Chwen Lin was born in Taiwan in 1959. She has received many art awards including the First Prize of New Media Art in 2019 Italy XII Florence Biennial of International Award ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’. Her achievements have been published and documented in many art journals and thesis, history books, art magazines, and art archives internationally.

6ffcf5964df7b023dc4f7557aebcc6b3 - 徐鈺惠

1996 Doctor of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong, Australia
2010~ now Art Director of “Lin Pey-Chwen Digital Arts Lab.”
2003~2017 Professor of Dept. Multimedia and Animation Arts, National
Taiwan University of Arts
2020 “Revelation of Eve Clone” Solo Exhibition, Tainan Art Museum,
Tainan, Taiwan
2019 “Urban Tribes", New York Foundation for the Arts/ El Taller Art
Center/TAAC Tribeca/E. Tay/R Gallery, New York, USA
2019 “Being Here as ME: New Media Art Exhibition of Women Artists
from Taiwan”, American University Museum, Washington DC, USA
2018 “Making of Eve Clone I”, Fibering-Eco as a Verb, WRO Art Center,
Wroclaw Poland
2015 “The Apocalyptic Sensibility: The New Media Art from Taiwan”,
Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 “Progressive Proof: SF State exhibit features women printmakers
from Pacific Rim”, San Francisco State University Art Museum, San
Francisco, USA
2014 “Raising the Temperature “International Art Exhibition, Queens
Museum of Art, New York, USA
2014 “In the Name of Asia female Artist”, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine
Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2013 “Post Humanist Desire International Exhibition”, Museum of
Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 “15th WRO Media Art Biennale”, Wroclaw, Poland

1996 “1996 Taipei Biennial: The Quest For Identity”, Taipei Fine Arts
Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
1995 “Antithesis and Intertext”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
1993 “Women’s Interpretation”, National Taiwan Museum of Arts,
Taichung, Taiwan