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Live ─ There and Then / Then and There

Chi Chien Solo Exhibition

Date: 2018.05.12 – 2018.06.23

Opening: 2018.05.12 Sat. 19:00-21:00

Artist: Chi Chien

Venue: VT Artsalon(B1, No.17, Ln.56, Sec. 3, Xinsheng N. Rd, TaipeiCity 104, Taiwan. )

“Live – There and Then/ Then and There” is an exhibition by Chi Chien. Chi Chien created this gap in time and space through a process of a series of questions that seems as if it is without logic and preparation. One of the project displays a undressed female model and she was not given a script to work with. Along with the model are some random objects placed in the same space. A critic made a statement on the interactions of the model and the objects,” The way Chi Chien arranged this exhibition, to me it seems as if he want to display the everyday life in more theatrical way. But at the same time it does not include the elements of the theater.

Everything that happens during the exhibition, artists use mediums such as documents, photography, film, and installations to respond to the exhibition name “Live”. It is a Live presentation of the exhibition, at the same time it is a reenactment of the Live presentation. Chi Chien explained,” I want to really discuss the reality hidden behind Live broadcast. Under a creative system, presenting their own body politics.

In the exhibition, there is a microphone that continuously plays out,” No, no, no…” We won’t help but think,” No what?” ”What is over there?” And when the audience turns the other way, on the other side of the exhibition there is a caved in wall and written on the wall is the price of the land. It shows the total price of the land that the exhibition center stands. Also, in the walls of the building are little toy cars that can be pushed around with feet. The video plays the images of a “Room”. “Room” are images of neon lights, plugs, cardboard, bamboo, calendars and light boxes. This “Room” can be entered by audiences, audiences are also part of this “Room.” The meaning of ”Room”is a social habitat for a “person”, at the same time it represents the biological habitat for the “subject” inside us. This place gives us a position and a social status. It gives us a role to act. A “room” can be considered a part of our body, just like N. Berdyaev (1874-1948) once said,”It is in this society, the interaction between other people that I feel the most lonely…all that’s in the social structure are very different and distant to me…the world is not me, I am in the world.” The way that I am apart from the world is like gap between indoors and the outside world. When the person is inside the room, it shows that the body is under a series of logic in a political system.